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Rodney Maiato
Rodney Maiato
Hugo SSG evangelist, musician, and painter.

Hey, I’m Rodney—self-taught in software and based in Vancouver. Started coding in 2016, explored HTML, CSS, JS, Bash, and then dove into other areas of frontend languages, like React ande Go. My terminal is like a blank canvas, and you can basically create something from nothing. AI’s boundless possibilities fascinate me.


Beyond the digital world, I’m into analog things, playing guitar, drawing, and painting. Balancing lines of code with those activities keeps me happy.

While I’m busy building websites, I’m all about sharing insights on what I’ve learned, about coding in general, Hugo static site generator and more. Join me on this tech, and creativity journey.

Got questions, want to collaborate, or just connect? Hit me up—I’m all ears! 🚀

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